Humphrey Kariuki

HK Foundation

Humphrey Kariuki has used his business success to invest in people through education and healthcare initiatives; in the environment through conservation projects; and by continuing to create a supportive environment for entrepreneurship, economic growth and investment. HK supports projects throughout Kenya and across Africa, including supporting reforestation of indigenous forests, a scholarship program, and purchasing life-saving medical equipment for local hospitals.


Humphrey Kariuki firmly believes in the power of education to serve as a catalyst for African potential. By investing in education infrastructure such as class rooms and ICT, and by increasing access to quality education for children from less fortunate backgrounds.  HK is playing his part in developing a pool of skills and talent in Africa. HK is taking steps to uplift people, particularly from poor or disadvantaged communities. He is doing this by equipping young people with the skills they need for the jobs and industries of the future, and building a stronger sense of social responsibility. Education is central to improving standards of living and empowering people to be a part of future growth and breaking the cycle of poverty in Africa.


Humphrey Kariuki has a lifelong passion for wildlife and has a long history of supporting conservation efforts in Kenya. He is investing in protection and preservation of Africa’s diverse wildlife. He is the principal benefactor of the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, which plays a vital role in supporting the breeding and rehabilitation of the Kenyan Mountain Bongo, a species of antelope listed as critically endangered.

Health Care

Humphrey Kariuki firmly believes that good health opens up the possibility of economic empowerment. To this end, he has supported numerous hospitals across East and Southern Africa with his many philanthropic partnerships.